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Designer:  B&T Design Studio
Product:  Glee Bar Stools 

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B&T Design Studio
A new series carrying the natural wood texture to the space. The Glee stool series designed by Alp Nuhoğlu, stands out as a simple and natural product design.

Having two height options as a kitchen stool and a bar stool, Glee series has a refined style involving basic lines. The round seat and legs composed fully of solid wood are situated as a reflection of nature in the space. Thickness of the triangular oval cut legs gradually extend as they rise from the ground. The four feet merging underneath the seat, reflect an elegant and confident stance with these nuances in the design.

The solid wood stool made of walnut veneer or black lacquer has a metal ring footrest. Coloured with the alternatives of electrostatic powder coating or chrome plated, the design has a visual integrity both in itself and throughout the space.

    Product Files
    • Canyon
    • New King
    • Vita - Camira
    • Whisper
    • Ocean
    • New Sabine
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    • Plain Melange - Irisun
    • Livio
    • Matteo
    • Mirella
    • Nario
    • Telma
    • Vero
    • Metal
        White Ral 9016
        Silk Grey Ral 7044
        Taupe G876
        Grey G458
        Anthracite Ral 7016
        Black Ral 9005
        Nordic Lichen
        Green Grey Ral 7009
        Cement Grey Ral 7033
        Precious Sand
        Pale Brown Ral 8025
        Beige Red Ral 3012
        Terracotta Ral 8004
        Black Red Ral 3007
    • Sunbrella - Sling
    • Phifertex
    • Solid Wood
        Ash - White Ral 110-1
        Ash - Silk Grey Ral 7044
        Ash - Precious Sand
        Ash - Taupe G876
        Ash - Smoke Gray
        Ash - Natural
        Ash - Beige Red Ral 3012
        Ash - Terracotta Ral 8004
        Ash - Light Brown
        Ash - Pale Brown Ral 8025
        Ash - Dark Brown
        Beech - Walnut Stain
        Ash - Black Red Ral 3007
        Ash - Nordic Lichen
        Ash - Cement Grey Ral 7033
        Ash - Green Grey Ral 7009
        Ash - Grey G458
        Ash - Anthracite Ral 7016
        Ash - Black Ral 9005
    • Natural Veneer
    • Lacquer
    • Laminate
    • Compact Laminate
    • Fenix
    • Glass
    • Marble