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Design Hub

Our Story

The story of B&T Design started in 1985 when Mr. Aysan began to learn about his father's job.


Aysan started to work in the family-run blacksmithing business. He took his first step into a journey to build a new brand by focusing his interests and skills on chair design and production. Soon after, he started his own business, he established his own enterprise in his own studio and turned his experience into a brand in 1995 and founded B&T Design.


Blending quality and specialization into the design discipline, offering products with a perspective of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation; B&T Design became one of the most successful players in the furniture industry. Being one of the first brands that adapted polyurethane to furniture production, B&T Design gathered their skills of production with creative approaches of successful designers.

Realizing its first initiative in the international arena in 2000 at the Koelnmesse exhibition, the brand has become one of the stakeholders of many important projects as a furniture provider in Europe.


Design Process

Design is a contemporary search of simplicity for B&T Design.


From their establishment in 1995, B&T Design develops the products in local and global markets, with an approach of ultimate simplicity.


Regarding the limits and needs of space, architectural approach, material and the end user, B&T Design, designs with high functionality, high comfort, high quality and high aesthetics criteria reflecting each equally to its products.
Instead of dramatic and assertive lines; forms having a place in user’s memory, experience and history of furniture, are interpreted with smart and aesthetic manners. The modern elegance of the products is brought to existence with simple nuances without exhausting the forms.
B&T Design focuses on the evolution of a self-generated image other than a “designed” look. The aesthetic simplicity of smart traces, eventually creates the irreplaceable “right design” both for the user and the space.


Offering details that maximize the experience of space for the users with its timeless designs, B&T Design manufactures all of their product groups with 27 years of experience.


In its 6000 m² production facility located in Dilovası area of Kocaeli, there are 65 specialized staff working in different departments ranging from upholstery to wood workshop, metal workshop to logistics. To manage time, material and energy in production more efficiently, the latest technology and methods are integrated within the factory system by the R&D team consisting of 15 experts.


The facility with Environmental Management System ISO 14000:2015 and Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 certificates, produces designs that comply with international standards and also implement smart solutions for efficient use of energy resources. In order to benefit from daylight and minimize electricity consumption, B&T Design production facility is illuminated through transparent panels on its roof.


Blending quality and specialisation into the design discipline, offering products with a perspective of aesthetics, functionality, and innovation; B&T Design is gathering their skills of production with creative approaches of successful designers.

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