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Privacy Policy

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Quality Policy

Combining the specialization deriving from craftsmanship with the design perspective and professionalism, B&T Design transfers varieties of products from sofas to chairs, from modular seating units to office furniture systems to 65 different points in the world with high quality and customer satisfaction.

From local to global, with their quality production, good design, and customer-centric service, B&T Design serves the interior design furniture needs to institutions operating in different disciplines. In contract and retail sectors of special dynamics and disciplines; like hospitals, public institutions, educational areas, and financial centers, B&T Design offers their stockholders customized services for interior design furniture needs.

B&T Design’s professional sales team conducts solution-oriented projects with corporate and architectural customer groups. The aim is to present the best value in terms of price, performance and user experience with B&T Design’s product range,
according to customer expectations and needs.

Offering details that maximize the experience of space for the users with its timeless designs, B&T Design manufactures all of their product groups with 27 years of experience.


Quality Policies

  • To be a leader in design furniture industry,
  • To produce superior, new and different products,
  • To ensure that the name B&T Design identifies with quality and different and innovative concepts,
  • To determine the changing demands on time based on customer satisfaction, to respond quickly to requests, to produce / dispatch on time and in desired design requirements, to provide quality products and competitive price,
  • Perform production with zero error,
  • To follow and use high technology effectively in order to sustain customer satisfaction, ,
  • To adopt the understanding that all personnel are responsible for quality, and therefore to place quality awareness on all personnel, to provide trainings to improve their knowledge and skills, to encourage adaptation and creativity,
  • To ensure the happiness and motivation of the personnel,
  • To adopt the understanding of the continuous improvement of the system by evaluating the Quality Objectives, based on the performance indicators of the processes defined in the system.
  • B&T Design commits to determine Quality Objectives (QMS-PH02), to continuously review goals and to expand this policy among all of employees.


Talip Aysan
Founder of B&T Design