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B&T Design offers numerous alternatives and solutions for storage systems, which are essential for both keeping the living and working areas organised and decorating the place. Office furniture, which is vital for orderly and smart workspaces such as, cabinets, storage shelves, tv units, bookshelves and pedestals can be customized according to the needs of each space with different features ... Show more

Office Storages


Book storagesfile storages or multi-purpose display storages offer great convenience in terms of efficient use of space in offices. B&T Design enhances office life with mini-storages and cabinet storages in horizontal or vertical forms. Varieties of sizes with functional details are available such as single-door cabinets or 2-door cabinets, depending on the preferences of the customer or the architect. Bookcases, storages displaying decorative objects, cabinets used as room dividers; office storages used for keeping stationaries, pedestals and small cabinets used for workers’ personal belongings; console storage systems in executive suites, stand out in B&T Design’s storage systems. The storage systems are in harmony to use with office furniture by B&T Design, workstationsexecutive tables and meeting tables.


Multi-Purpose Storage Solutions for Homes and Offices


Types of storages produced by B&T Design with excellent craftsmanship and high-quality, TV unitsconsoles and cabinet storages, offer complete features for a well-organised space in both offices and homes. Regarding the needs of the users and the visual impact of the space, cabinet systems with open shelves, with doors and without doors can be envisioned with the alternatives in B&T Design's material catalogue. Wooden cabinets, TV units with bookcases and various cabinet models with doors, as well as essential furniture alternatives for living and working layouts, have available size options according to the dimension of the space. In addition to offices, a large selection of cabinets such as bookcases, TV units and consoles, which are both visually and functionally preferred also in homes and social spaces, are the combination of B&T Design's modern furniture design and quality production.

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