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Mustafa Timur

Bow table and bar stool family is a minimalist alternative  for many different space needs. The easygoing design features make the products blend together with all other B&T Design products in harmony. Contract usage of metal and wood and also different colors of metal section provides Bow table a robust look. Metal cross-section of the table can be ordered in several different colors as per B&T Design’s standard metal colors catalog.

This different color option makes it easy to install this table together with different chairs. The remarkable Bow bar stool is an iconic base structure and seating area. The seating space with the rotating mechanism provides flexibility to use by giving the product non-directionality. The fact that the barstool is entirely wood makes it easier to locate in spaces designed for different themes. Bow can be lined around a high table, as well as accommodating high kitchen countertops.

Products in This Family