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B&T Design, offering furnishing solutions to social, working, and living spaces “For a Better Experience” since 1995, is achieving new success on design works. B&T Design is honored with the 1st place in the Manufacture&Industry section at the 19th Altin Orumcek Awards with the new website which was created to provide an effective digital user experience for business partners and users.

    From local to global, with their quality production, good design, and customer-centric service, B&T Design serves the interior design furniture needs to institutions operating in different disciplines. Combining the specialization deriving from craftsmanship with the design perspective and professionalism, B&T Design transfers varieties of furniture products to 60 different points in the world with high quality and continuous customer satisfaction.

    Within the business principles to present the best value in all project processes like specializing products, materials, after-sale service; the brand renewed the official website to provide the same experience on digital channels. The new website project was designed by -99 Design Studio to combine all services and customer needs in a user-friendly UI. All product variations, datasheets, 3D files, and material documents are available on the new website.

    Regarding reflections of social and cultural changes, developments in architecture, and today’s world’s needs; B&T Design will continue to adapt innovations with their design approach.