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Digital Showroom From Turkish Furniture Manifacturers!

B&T Design's Digital Showroom

B&T Design wants to turn the crisis into a crisis with the development of the digital world, the decision to display new products in the digital showroom for the fairs that it can not attend, because it is impossible to participate in every activity due to the overlapping dates although the fairs attended by the companies to introduce new products of the companies and to meet with potential customers have different meanings for each sector. took.

Parallel to the fair events, potential visitors from Twitter and Instagram are invited to the digital showroom via the related 'Hashtags'. This provides a cyclical connection between the digital showroom and social media.

A digital showroom where visitors can observe the details of the products as well as the position in the areas they design; color design and user-friendly structure. B&T Design exports its designs to more than 35 countries and aims to grow its company by using all the possibilities of the digital world.

About B&T Design

B&T Design, bearing the quality of life to the next level, user-oriented upholstered living spaces that facilitate product design and service delivery channels with Turkey's leading furniture manufacturers.

Founded in 1985 by the investment of Talip Aysan, an entrepreneur and expert in metal production, the firm continues to produce designs that are design-oriented and conform to European quality standards at national and international scale. B&T Design exports its products and services to more than 35 countries from Australia to Belgium and from the United Arab Emirates to the United States.